Onur Ekmen


Mr. Ekmen has started his professional career by getting the highest score at the job examination for being a management trainee at Bank Kapital in 1998. Another important step was when he won his first award for being the second most successful personnel in the bank in 2000. In 2002, he started to work for Garanti Bank, one of the biggest banks in Turkey, which is the partner of BBVA. In 2003, Mr. Ekmen got promoted as he became one of the ten most successful personnel in investment banking, and then he became a senior portfolio manager. In 2004, Mr. Ekmen was chosen the best candidate to become a branch manager in a manager selection interview, after which he got assigned as a branch manager in Antalya private banking branch in Garanti Bank. Mr. Ekmen founded private bank branch in Antalya and made it the biggest branch in the region. In 2010, he decided to continue his career in HSBC. He worked for HSBC as a branch manager for six years. After that in 2016 he established his own company in Belgrade and began to give consulting services to whom wants to invest in Serbia.