Ervin Pasanovic

General Manager
Adventis Real Estate

Ervin Pasanovic, Bachelor of Economics, court expert in the field of economics and finance, and a licensed real estate agent.

Married with a single child.

Highly experienced in fields of: property and capital appraisals, investment banking, management, marketing, real estate soliciting.

For the last 5 year’s he has been the general manager of Adventis Real Estate Management LLC, which has a rich portfolio of property appraisals and performs real estate solicitation to a high level.

Beforehand, he performed executive duties in multinational and domestic companies:

§  Media Swiss d.o.o. Ringier Axel Springer

§  Sting Production d.o.o.

§  Focus Invest – Investment Fund Management a.d.

§  Di Line, member of MPC Group Also, in his decade-long experience in the real estate business, in more occasions, he participated in multiple market research projects and was a moderator at: EXPO REAL MINHEN (2010), REXPO ZAGREB (2013), BELRE (2009-2013), etc.

Ervin Pasanovic also published some of his projects in specialized real estate magazines and other media.